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12 Amazing Renault Master Conversions

Key takeaways

Considering a Renault Master Conversion for Van Life?

With a newly redesigned exterior, long-lasting engine, and square interior shape, the Renault Master van is a good option.

But how does it stack up against other popular models like the Sprinter, Movano, Transit, & ProMaster?

In this post, we’ll find out.

12 Amazing Renault Master Van Conversions

With a square interior shape, multiple wheelbase options, and a payload capacity of up to 3,578 pounds, the Master provides tons of options for designing a layout… but which is the best?

Here are 12 of the coolest Renault Master conversions ever:

Build #12: Renault Master with Large Convertible Dinette

  • Highlights: The lower bed on this Renault Master offers more headroom for lounging in bed, or at the large U-shaped dining area. There’s a small kitchen area with a sink and a large tiled shower.
  • Van: Renault Master LWB
  • Owner: @2peasinavan


Build #11: Recycled Renault Master with Unique Shower

  • Highlights: This Renault Master from Recycle Inn is made of all recycled materials. It has a bed in the back and a small kitchen with a stovetop and sink. The stand out feature is the shower, which is hidden at the front between two seats and gets its water from the nearby kitchen sink and fresh water tank.
  • Van: MWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @recycleinn


Build #10: Orange Renault Master with Private Bedroom and Wood Detailed Ceiling

  • Highlights: This Orange Renault Master build from Toba Campervans has gorgeous interior craftsmanship. In the back is essentially a private bedroom space which is separated from the rest of the van by a curtain (great for small van conversions).. Up front is a small kitchen and a dining area with two seats.
  • Van: MWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @tobacampervans


Build #9: Renault Master with Long Bench and Back Bed with Ladder

  • Highlights: This simple DIY Renault Master build has a high raised bed in the back with a ladder leading to it. In the front is a small kitchen with a sink, a long bench, and some extra counterspace.
  • Van: MWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @reggie_thecamper


Build #8: Blue Renault Master with Roof Deck and Modern Interior

  • Highlights: This bright blue Renault Master has a lifted back bed with lots of organized storage underneath. In the front is a small dinette, and a sink and stove top. The van has a roof deck on top for relaxing outdoors.
  • Van: Renault Master MWB
  • Owner: @ontheloosa


Build #7: Renault Master with Lots of Natural Light and a Dog Bed

  • Highlights: This Renault Master build has a side facing bed at the back with a dog bed underneath. The van has a double wall kitchen with a gas stove, oven, and large sink This van gets tons of natural light from its several aftermarket windows
  • Van: LWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @cool_dutchie


Build #6: Renault Master with Wardrobe and Shower Room

  • Highlights: This Renault Master has a side facing bed in the back on top of a refrigerator. It has a wardrobe at the back, a two-walled kitchen for lots of prep space in the middle, and a shower and toilet room at the front.
  • Van: LWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @wherever_the_road_takes_us


Build #5: Renault Master with Skylights and a Shower Room

  • Highlights: This cozy DIY Renault Master Build has a bed under skylights in the back. It has a one-wall kitchen with a large farm house sink, large adjustable mounted tv, and a two burner stove. There’s a separate shower room with a wood floor hiding the drain.
  • Van: 2012 LWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @campervamper


Build #4: Beachy Renault Master with Slide-Out Picnic Table

  • Highlights: This beachy Renault Master has a U-Shaped dinette that converts into a bed. Its one wall kitchen has a sink, fridge, and spice organization. The van has a roof deck on top, and a picnic table that slides out of the back.
  • Van: 2016 MWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @tranquilatravels


Build #3: Rustic Ambulance Renault Master with Wood Fire Stove

  • Highlights: This Renault Master is an ambulance turned cabin in the woods. It has a large bed at the back with a dinette in front of the bed. The build includes a single wall kitchen, and a woodfire heater.
  • Van: LWB Renault Master
  • Owner: @project_van_rambo


Build #2: Bunk Bed Renault Master

  • Highlights: This professional Renault Master build sleeps and travels four, with extra seat belted seating, and bunk beds at the back. The van has a very clean and modern design with a simple dinette at the front across from a single-wall kitchen.
  • Van: MWB Renault Master
  • Owner:


Build #1: Yellow Renault Master with Slide-out Convertible Bed

  • Highlights: This bright yellow long wheel base Renault Master has a slide out bed that packs away up into the ceiling, revealing the dinette underneath. The front has a disjoined L-shaped kitchen with two countertops separated by a shower.
  • Van: Renault Master LWB
  • Owner: @beanie.van


11 Reasons Why Vanlifers Like the Renault Master

The Renault is well made, fuel-efficient, & comfortable to drive – but is it the best option for vanlife?

Here are 11 reasons why vanlifers like the Renault Master :

  1. Recently Face-lifted Exterior and Interior: In 2019, Renault completely redesigned the exterior and interior of the Master. Where the van once looked boxy and a bit homely, it now looks very modern.
  2. Engines Last a Long Time: Diesel engines are known to last much longer compared to gasoline engines. Owners of Renault Masters say their vans run well for a long time. Having a diesel engine will also allow you to run a diesel fuel heater in your van.
  3. Can Handle Heavy Builds: The medium wheelbase Master can handle a payload of up to 3,578 pounds, and the car will still run well with that much weight in it. You don’t have to worry too much about building an ultra-lightweight conversion.
  4. Square Interior Shape: As of 2019, the Renault Master has a much more square shape, which makes building out the interior significantly easier.
  5. Good Fuel Economy: Compared to other vans of its size, the Renault Master gets much better gas mileage because of the more fuel-efficient diesel engine.
  6. Comfortable Inside: The Renault Master is very comfortable to drive, and to ride in as a passenger, so it’s perfect for long road trips .
  7. Great Dealer Service: If you live near a Renault dealership, they offer excellent and reliable service.
  8. Rear Doors Open 270 Degrees: Many vans, like the new Sprinters, have rear doors that only open 180 degrees. The 270 degree opening on the Renault Master means more comfortable loading and unloading, and more room out the back for an outdoor kitchen or seating area.
  9. Large Fuel Tank Capacity: The Renault Master has a 26 gallon fuel tank, which means you can go further between fill-ups compared to similar vans.
  10. Great Color Options: Renault offers a few cool color options for the new Masters including red, blue, and yellow so you won’t have to worry about finding someone after market to paint your van.
  11. 5 Year Warranty: Renault has great customer service and offers a 5-year warranty on new vehicles. If you have any issues, you can just bring your van right back to the dealership.

7 Reasons Why Vanlifers Dislike the Renault Master

As with every vehicle, there are downsides to the Renault.

Here are 7 reasons why vanlifers dislike the Renault Master:

  1. More Expensive Than a Movano: Despite having the exact same body, new Renault Masters cost a couple thousand bucks more than new Vauxhall Movanos.
  2. Doesn’t Have a Great Safety Rating: The Euro NCAP has said to avoid this van due to a lack of safety features like automatic braking.
  3. Not Sold in the U.S.: If you live in the U.S., the Renault Master is not really an option for you since it is only manufactured and sold in Europe.
  4. Fewer Aftermarket Options: The Renault Master is not the most popular vanlife van on the market, so you’ll find fewer van-related aftermarket add-ons for your van.
  5. Fewer Van Building Resources: There are also fewer online resources for a DIY van build with the Renault Master compared to a more popular vanlife van like the Sprinter or Transit.
  6. Doesn’t Handle Bumpy Roads Well: Owners say the Master can be a bit of a bumpy ride, especially if it isn’t carrying a super heavy build.
  7. Noisy Engine: The diesel engine on the Master can be quite loud.


Cost, Dimensions, & Fuel Economy

Now that you know a little more about the Renault Master, let’s see how it stacks up against the Sprinter, Movano, Transit, & ProMaster.

Renault Master Cost

Cost: Renault Master vs Movano vs Sprinter vs Transit vs ProMaster

Model New Used Price
Renault Master SWB $38,580 $27,836 Check Price
Renault Master MWB $42,603 $31,624 Check Price
Renault Master LWB $45,951 $33,471 Check Price
Vauxhall Movano SWB $38,501 $17,621 Check Price
Vauxhall Movano MWB $40,447 $20,049 Check Price
Vauxhall Movano LWB $43,036 $23,867 Check Price
Vauxhall Movano Electric $59,016 N/A N/A
Ram ProMaster 118” $39,490 $28,000 Check Price
Ram ProMaster 136” $41,250 $30,000 Check Price
Ram ProMaster 159” $44,450 $32,000 Check Price
Ford Transit 130” $41,665 $30,000 Check Price
Ford Transit 148” $42,940 $31,000 Check Price
Ford Transit 148” Ext $48,085 $34,000 Check Price
Mercedes Sprinter 144” $41,300 $60,000 Check Price
Mercedes Sprinter 170” $45,340 $70,000 Check Price
Mercedes Sprinter 170” Ext $50,660 $75,000 Check Price


Renault Master Dimensions

Dimensions: Renault Master vs Movano vs Sprinter vs Transit vs ProMaster

Model Interior Height Interior Length (cargo) Interior Width Ext Length
Renault Master SWB 74.6 inches 121.4 inches 69.5 inches 218.4 inches
Renault Master MWB 80.6 inches 147 inches 69.5 inches 244 inches
Renault Master LWB 84.4 inches 172.6 inches 69.5 inches 269.6 inches
Vauxhall Movano SWB 74.6 inches 121.4 inches 69.5 inches 218.4 inches
Vauxhall Movano MWB 80.6 inches 147 inches 69.5 inches 244 inches
Vauxhall Movano LWB 84.4 inches 172.6 inches 69.5 inches 269.6 inches
Ram ProMaster 118” 66 inches 96 inches 75 inches 195.4 inches
Ram ProMaster 136” 66 inches 120 inches 75 inches 213.2 inches
Ram ProMaster 159” 77 inches 144 inches 75 inches 236.2 inches
Ford Transit 130” 56.9 inches 126 inches 69 inches 219.9 inches
Ford Transit 148” 56.9 inches 143.7 inches 69 inches 235.5 inches
Ford Transit 148” Ext 81.5 inches 172.2 inches 69 inches 263.9 inches
Mercedes Sprinter 144” 67.7 inches 132.9 inches 70.4 inches 233.5 inches
Mercedes Sprinter 170” 79 inches 173 inches 70 inches 290 inches
Mercedes Sprinter 170” Ext 79 inches 189 inches 70 inches 274 inches


Renault Master Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy: Renault Master vs Movano vs Sprinter vs Transit vs ProMaster

Model City Highway Combined
Renault Master – 2.3L Diesel  22 MPG 33 MPG 27.5 MPG
Vauxhall Movano -2.2 L Turbo Diesel 19.2 MPG 30.6 MPG 24.9 MPG
Ram ProMaster – 3.6 L V6 19 MPG 25 MPG 21 MPG
Ram ProMaster – 2.4 L V4 21 MPG 28 MPG 24 MPG
Ford Transit – 3.5L PFDi V6 14 MPG 18 MPG 16 MPG
Ford Transit – 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 18 MPG 24 MPG 21 MPG
Ford Transit – 2.0L GDI I-4 19 MPG 27 MPG 23 MPG
Mercedes Sprinter – 2.1L L4 Gas 21 MPG 24 MPG 22 MPG
Mercedes Sprinter – 2.1L L4 Diesel 21 MPG 24 MPG 22 MPG
Mercedes Sprinter – 3.0L V6 Diesel 18 MPG 21 MPG 19.5 MPG


Conclusion: Is the Renault Master Right for you?

There are a lot of reasons to like the Renault Master: It’s reliable, fuel efficient, & widely available – but it may not be for you.

Biggest factors:

  • More Expensive Than a Movano
  • Fewer Aftermarket Options
  • Long-lasting Engine
  • Square Interior Shape
  • Great Fuel Economy

So should you get one?

Maybe! If you find a great deal on a Renault then yes, go for it! But, the Vauxhall Movano offers an almost identical platform for less money. Alternatively, if you have a higher budget, the Sprinter may be a better option for European vanlifers as it offers better aftermarket support.


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