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2 Amazing Kia Sedona Conversions

Key takeaways

Considering a Kia Sedona Conversion for Van Life?

With it’s affordability, small exterior size, and slide-and-stow seats, it’s a great option.

But how does it stack up against other popular Minivan models like the Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, & Honda Odyssey?

In this post, we’ll find out.

2 Amazing Kia Sedona Campervan Conversions

With stow-and-go seating, 62″ of interior cargo length, & reliable performance, the Kia Sedona provides a good platform for designing a van… but which is the best?

Here are 2 of the coolest Kia Sedona conversions ever:

Build #2: Kia Sedona with Convertible Bed and Interior Kitchen

  • Highlights: This unique Kia Sedona build has a double bench that folds down into a large bed. In the front of the van is a totally indoor kitchen with a sink and room for a stove. The back of the van is separated from the driver’s cab by a shelf with a spice rack.
  • Van: Kia Sedona
  • Owner: @handkvanconversion


Build #1: Kia Sedona Conversion Kit with Dinette and Slide-Out Drawers

  • Highlights: This conversion kit from Road Loft is compatible with the Kia Sedona van. It comes with a smart dinette with a pop-up table and bench seat that converts into a large bed. The rear has two large slide outs that function as a kitchen.
  • Van: Kia Sedona
  • Owner: @roadloft (photos from roadloft.com)


7 Reasons Why Vanlifers Like Kia Sedona Conversions

The Sedona is fuel-efficient, affordable, & reliable – but is it the best option for vanlife?

Here are 7 reasons why vanlifers like the Kia Sedona:

  1. Affordable: The Kia Sedona goes for around $20,000 used (but you can find older models for much cheaper). That means it’s way more affordable than a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey.
  2. Easy to Remove the Seats: The seats can be easily removed to make way for a temporary or semi-permanent build out.
  3. Great for No/low-Build Conversions: The small cargo space and easy-to-remove seats mean the Kia Sedona is an excellent van for no-build conversions or kit conversions.
  4. Better Gas Mileage Than a Larger Van: The Kia Sedona has pretty decent gas mileage compared to some larger vans at 21 MPG combined.
  5. Small Size With the Benefits of a Minivan: The Kia Sedona is actually smaller than most minivans, and is more comparable to a crossover. That being said it still has all the benefits that a minivan offers for vanlife, like sliding doors and lots of cargo room.
  6. Slide-and-Stow Seats: The Kia Sedona vans come with slide-and-stow seats which are easy to stow away and take out when the van is not in “camper” mode.
  7. Reliable: Sedona owners say their minivans are very reliable and last a long time.

5 Reasons Why Vanlifers Dislike Converted Sedona Campers

As with every vehicle, there are downsides to the Kia.

Here are 5 reasons why vanlifers dislike the Kia Sedona:

  1. So-so Fuel Efficiency: Compared to the Sienna, which gets 36 MPG combined, the fuel efficiency of the Kia Sedona is just so-so.
  2. Lacks Built-in Storage: Owners say the Kia Sedona could improve its built-in storage, especially in the driver’s cab.
  3. Not Made for Off-Roading: The Kia Sedona has low clearance and a pretty low-powered engine, meaning it’s not great for getting to hard-to-reach campsites.
  4. Few Conversion Kits Available: Conversion kits for the Kia Sedona are few and far between. The Dodge Caravan, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna all have way more conversion kits available.
  5. Not A lot of Online Info: The Kia Sedona is not a super popular van life van, so it may be difficult to find inspiration or info on how to convert your Sedona.


Cost, Dimensions, & Fuel Economy

Now that you know a little more about the Sedona, let’s see how it stacks up against the Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, & Honda Odyssey.


Kia Sedona Cost

Cost: Kia Sedona vs Dodge Caravan vs Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

Model New Used Price
Kia Sedona N/A $22,998 Check Price
Honda Odyssey $37,490 $25,895 Check Price
Dodge Caravan N/A $9,000 Check Price
Toyota Sienna $35,385 $23,956 Check Price


Kia Sedona Dimensions

Dimensions: Kia Sedona vs Dodge Caravan vs Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

Model Interior Height Interior Length (cargo) Interior Width Ext Length
Kia Sedona 39 inches 62 inches 52 inches 203 inches
Honda Odyssey 38 inches 65 inches 48 inches 205.2 inches
Dodge Caravan 39.3 inches 62 inches 50 inches 202.8 inches
Toyota Sienna 37.5 inches 60.5 inches 50.5 inches 204 inches


Kia Sedona Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy: Kia Sedona vs Dodge Caravan vs Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

Model City Highway Combined
Kia Sedona 18 MPG 24 MPG 21 MPG
Honda Odyssey 19 MPG 28 MPG 22 MPG
Dodge Caravan 17 MPG 25 MPG 20 MPG
Toyota Sienna 36 MPG 36 MPG 36 MPG


Conclusion: Is a Kia Sedona Conversion Right for you?

There are a lot of reasons to like the Kia Sedona: It’s affordable, and has the benefits of a minivan in the size of a crossover– but it may not be for you.

Biggest factors:

  • Affordable
  • The size of an crossover with the benefits of a minivan
  • Not a lot of online info about conversions
  • Not as fuel efficient as the Odyssey or Sienna

So should you get one?

Maybe! We’d recommend the Kia Sedona for vanlife over other Minivans like the Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, or Honda Odyssey for vanlifers who like the Kia brand and feel confident completing a conversion without a lot of outside input.


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