Converted 1995 Ford E350 Ambulance Parked In Desert

10 Amazing Overland Ambulance Camper Conversions

Key takeaways

Considering an Ambulance Camper Conversion for Vanlife?

With their affordability, robust structure, and ample storage, ambulances are a great option.

But which ambulance model makes the most sense for vanlife?

In this post, we’ll find out.

10 Amazing Ambulance Camper Conversions

With lots of storage and interior space, ambulances provide a versatile platform for building a camper… but which layout is best?

Here are 10 of the coolest ambulance conversions ever:

#10: Chevy Ambulance Conversion with Rear Bed and Front Shower

  • Highlights: This ambulance conversion has a small side-facing bed in the back, next to a booth with a pull-out table that serves as a dining area or workspace. The van has a one-wall kitchen and a shower with storage for a portable toilet.
  • Van: 1999 Chevrolet 3500
  • Owner: @ambulance_conversion


#9: Huge Converted Ambulance with Rooftop Deck and Convertible Dinette

  • Highlights: This ‘97 Freightliner is a larger conversion with more room for amenities. Inside is a gorgeous solid wood kitchen countertop with a sink, a convertible dinette, and some storage. The roof of the vehicle has a deck that fits two chairs and an umbrella.
  • Van: 1997 Freightliner FL70 MPV
  • Owner: @camp.zilla


#8: Earthy Sprinter Ambulance Conversion with Large Glass-Walled Shower

  • Highlights: This awesome smaller Sprinter Ambulance has a side-facing bed with curtains separating it from the living space. The kitchen has two walls, and in between is a slide-out dining table. The front of the van has a gorgeous shower with curved-glass walls.
  • Van: Mercedes Sprinter Luton Ambulance
  • Owner: @outlandishcampers


#7: Ambulance Conversion with Lofted Rear Bed and Lots of Storage

  • Highlights: This lifted Ford E350 ambulance is the perfect all-terrain vehicle. Inside it has a lofted bed, with under-bed storage space for a fridge below. The kitchen unit has a sink and a stove in a drawer.
  • Van: 1995 Ford E350 Ambulance
  • Owner: @scenic.sirins


#6: Tricked Out Ambulance Camper with Awning and Recessed Lighting

  • Highlights: This 4×4 E450 has tons of exterior lighting and a small DIY retractable van awning for an outdoor hangout spot. The inside has a rear side facing bed and a large kitchen with a sink and lots of countertop space.
  • Van: Ford E450 Ambulance
  • Owner: @tanyatheambulance


#5: Professional Ambulance Conversion with Rear Bed and Private Bathroom

  • Highlights: This gorgeous ambulance build-out has a side-facing bed in the back, and a two-walled kitchen with a sink on one side, and stove top on the other. The toilet is in an enclosed space around the corner from the kitchen and is plumbed to the van’s black tank.
  • Van: Ford E450 Ambulance
  • Owner: @wanderlustvanscolorado


#4: Converted F-350 Ambulance Build with Lofted Bed and Slide-Out Table

  • Highlights: This 1999 ambulance has a rear lofted bed with storage underneath for a fridge. A table slides out from under the bed, and a corner booth acts as seating for the dining table/workspace. The kitchen is simple, with just a sink and some countertop space.
  • Van: 1999 Ford F-350
  • Owner: @bumpie.roads


#3: Ambulance Build with Creative Convertible Bed System

  • Highlights: This super unique ambulance build has a dinette that converts to both a couch and a full-sized bed. The owner kept some original wall storage the ambulance had and added a kitchen with a sink, stove, and some countertop space.
  • Van: Ford E350 Ambulance
  • Owner: @stolp_solutions


#2: Cozy Ambulance Conversion Made with Reclaimed Materials

  • Highlights: This gorgeous ambulance transformation has a side-facing bed in the back, next to an L-shaped booth for dining. The front of the van has a private shower room and a kitchen area with a sink and countertop space. The aftermarket van windows and skylights help bring tons of natural light into the living space.
  • Van: Renault Master Ambulance
  • Owner: @vanlife_voyage


#1: Lifted E-350 Ambulance Conversion that Sleeps Four

  • Highlights: This Ford ambulance has a large bed in the back, as well as a u-shaped dinette that converts into a bed. The kitchenette has a sink and a cooktop. The vehicle is lifted and the 4×4 wheels mean it can drive on any terrain.
  • Van: Ford E-350
  • Owner: @bobgoes_


10 Reasons Why Vanlifers Like Ambulance Campers

Ambulances are reliable, well-built, & easy to find – but are they the best option for vanlife?

Here are 10 reasons why vanlifers like ambulance conversions:

  1. Affordable: Used ambulance vehicles are generally going to cost you way less than a brand new Sprinter van.
  2. Easy to Find: Ambulance services replace their fleet relatively often for a variety of reasons, so it should be pretty easy to find used ambulances for sale in your area.
  3. Electrical Already Installed: Ambulances come already wired, with lighting and tons of other gadgets.
  4. Come with Shelving and Cabinetry: Used ambulances have heavy duty shelving and cabinetry already installed, if you don’t want to install your own.
  5. Already Insulated: You don’t have to worry about putting inulation in a used ambulance, they’re already insulated!
  6. Lots of Storage: Ambulances have tons of little storage compartments inside and outside that are great for van living.
  7. Good Amount of Interior Room: Ambulances like the Ford E-350 and Ford E-450 provide enough interior room to stand up inside.
  8. Reliable: Ambulances are well-maintained and have probably had tons of routine maintenance during their use. This means there shouldn’t be any major issues that can come from neglecting maintenance.
  9. Off-Road Conversions Available: Many vanlifers lift their ambulances and add off-road tires. Used ambulances can be come the perfect off-roading vehicle.
  10. Very Well-Built: Structurally, ambulances are designed to be very safe. They’re super heavy duty and well-made.

7 Reasons Why Vanlifers Dislike Converted Ambulances

As with every vehicle, there are downsides to ambulances.

Here are 7 reasons why vanlifers dislike converted ambulances:

  1. Can be Difficult to Strip: With all the built-ins, aluminum, and electrical wiring, fully gutting an ambulance can be a huge undertaking.
  2. Complicated Electrical System: Ambulances electrical systems are really complicated, and might take a professional to figure out.
  3. Confusing to Register & Insure: Insurance companies and DMVs can have trouble figuring out how to register and insure your car. This can add an extra hassle to the vanlife process.
  4. No Stealth Factor: Ambulances really stand out, so if you’re looking to blend in, they probably aren’t a great vanlife vehicle for you.
  5. Requires a Totally Custom Build: If you do gut the rear of an ambulance, you’ll have to build everything inside on your own. There are few if any aftermarket add-ons that you can purchase to build out an ambulance.
  6. Heavy: Ambulances are heavy vehicles, which means poor gas mileage and potentially more difficult driving on muddy or rocky roads.
  7. Can Have Engine Issues: Ambulances usually have a history of cold starts, sitting around in parking lots, and idling for long periods of time. These practices can lead to some unique engine issues that may be costly to fix.


Cost, Dimensions, & Fuel Economy

Now that you know a little more about building out an ambulance, let’s see how the most popular models compare.

Ambulance Cost

How much do used ambulances cost?

Model Used Price
Ford E-350 $32,000 Check Price
Ford E-450 $35,000 Check Price
Ford F-350 $27,000 Check Price
Mercedes Sprinter $35,000 Check Price


Ambulance Dimensions

What are the interior dimensions?

Model Interior Height Interior Length (cargo) Interior Width Ext Length
Ford E-350 83 inches 148 inches 94 inches 272  inches
Ford E-450 87 inches 168 inches 96 inches 278 inches
Ford F-350 72 inches 148 inches 94 inches 294 inches
Mercedes Sprinter 75 inches 165 inches 92 inches 233  inches


Ambulance Fuel Economy

What kind of fuel economy can you expect?

Model City Highway Combined
Ford E-350 12 MPG 16 MPG 13 MPG
Ford E-450 8 MPG 10 MPG 9 MPG
Ford F-350 14 MPG 16 MPG 15 MPG
Mercedes Sprinter 14 MPG 17 MPG 16 MPG


Conclusion: Is a Converted Ambulance Right for you?

There are a lot of reasons to choose an ambulance for vanlife. They’re reliable, affordable, and sturdy – but they may not be for you.

Biggest factors:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Difficult to Register & Insure

So should you get one?

Maybe! While ambulances are difficult to register, they offer a unique option for vanlife with great reliability and storage. If you can find a good deal, go for it! Alternatively, box trucks & skoolie builds make great platforms.


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