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Best Campervan Projectors

Key takeaways

In search of a portable campervan projector with excellent image quality, access to Netflix/YouTube/other apps, and runs of DC power?

On this page, you’ll find a list of the best campervan projectors available for 2023.

What we look for

DC Power

Every projector included in this review utilizes 12-volt power, so you can easily power them via USB without needing an inverter.


When creating this list, we considered projectors with wifi capability and access to streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix.


Price is a significant consideration we considered when researching this article, so every projector included in this review provides (what we think) is an excellent value for the price.

Image Quality

Image quality is an issue with budget projectors, so we paid extra attention to the image quality when determining which portable campervan projectors made our list.

Recommended Projectors

Best Overall

This portable projector from Xgimi is our number one recommendation because of its 1080p resolution, autofocus, and AndroidTV streaming ability.

From $599.00

Runner Up

This lightweight campervan-ready projector from Nebula takes our number 2 spot because of its excellent image quality and affordable price.

From $299.99

Best Budget

This ultra-portable LED camper projector from ViewSonic makes our 3rd and final choice because of its impressive features and low price point.

From $199.67

#1 - XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro Campervan Projector

Why is it Best Overall?

This 1080p resolution projector from XGIMI strikes the best balance of cost, quality, and features of any campervan projector we considered. The projector features autofocus, and Auto Keystone Correction 1, which works very quickly. The interface is also very responsive, and surfing through the smart tv menu to select between YouTube, Netflix, or other popular streaming apps is seamless. At just under $600, the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is not cheap, but it offers the best image quality and feature set of any lightweight, portable projector at this price point.



From $599.00

*At the time of publishing the lowest available price was $599.00 for the MoGo 2 Pro model on Amazon.

#2 - Nebula Capsule Portable Camper Projector

Why is it Runner Up?

The Capsule is the first generation of portable projectors from Nebula to feature impressive image quality and Android TV capabilities (for accessing streaming services and YouTube) in such a small package. Although the later versions (the Capsule 2 & 3) feature spec bumps, the original Nebula Capsule still packs impressive features and excellent image quality for under $300 (the Capsule 2 is $499, and the Capsule 3 is over $700). Like the XGIMI, this portable vanlife-ready projector has wifi, Bluetooth, & Auto Keystone Correction for $200 less. We chose this projector as our number 2 recommendation because it offers similar features and image quality but is more affordable than the MoGo from XGIMI.



From $299.99

*At the time of publishing the lowest available price was $299.99 for the first generation Capsule model on Amazon.

#3 - ViewSonic M1 Ultra-Portable LED Projector

Why is it Best Budget?

The M1 portable projector from ViewSonic is our number three recommendation and gets our nomination as the best overall budget projector because of its price. The M1 features an ultra-low profile which makes it perfect for ceiling mounting. Impressively, at just under $200, the M1 also features Auto Keystone Correction, just like the Nebula & XGIMI. Streaming is also available on the ViewSonic thanks to its built-in Aptoide interface, which provides access to apps like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and YouTube. At just under $200, the M1 from ViewSonic is an excellent entry-level projector perfect for budget-minded van life and overland travelers who want smart tv features and solid image quality.



From $199.67

*At the time of publishing the lowest available price was $199.67 M1 Mini model on Amazon.

The Research

We follow a three-part review process to find the best available products for vanlife and overlanding. Stage one of our review process is called an Open Review; during this phase, we provide basic product information, such as descriptions, price, and potential alternatives. The second stage is the Editorial Review, a more in-depth review that takes at least three hours to research and write. We rate the product based on numerous factors. For the third and final stage, User Reviewed, we collect and utilize feedback from readers to update our recommendations. 

How We Picked

For this review, we followed our Open Review process. During an Open Review, we conduct research (via Google search, independent sources, and YouTube) to build a database of the best available products. With our database complete, we then compare each product across different variables. We compared the power consumption, features, image quality, price, user reviews, design, and other variables for this portable campervan projector review to find the best overall products available.

How We Tested

This review is still in our Open Review stage, meaning the products we included are gathered based on research and specifications. During our upcoming Editorial Review of the best camper van and overland projectors, we will conduct hands-on research to improve our recommendations further.

What Matters Most When Choosing a Campervan Projector?

Besides price, image quality and smart features are the most important factors when choosing a campervan projector. Projectors are convenient (more so than the 12v televisions we recommend for vanlife) but don’t have the same image quality. We recommend finding an option with at least 854 x 480p image quality to ensure the image scales well. Additionally, prioritize projectors that can work while being charged, and have native, easy-to-use smart tv features (for streaming Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, etc.).

#1 Recommended Projector for Campervans

The 24″ Sylvox tv is the best overall 12 volt campervan & overland tv because of it’s image quality and modern smart tv features.

From $599.00


  1. Auto Keystone Projection is a feature of modern projectors that corrects the distortion caused by projecting an image onto a non-perpendicular surface.

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