How Difficult Is Vanlife?


Vanlife is a rewarding experience, but it comes with a few difficulties. If you’re considering living on the road, you should prepare for these challenges:

  • Negative stigma: People who don’t understand vanlife will likely judge you for it. Dealing with the negative social stigma can be mentally exhausting at times.
  • Finding a bathroom: While you don’t have to worry about finding a functional bathroom in a residential home, this can be quite a challenge for vanlifers. Unless your conversion van has a toilet, you’ll have to rely on public restrooms.
  • Parking: You may not have to pay rent or a mortgage for your van, but you will need to locate parking spots. This involves researching places to park, studying state laws on overnight parking and occasionally paying parking fees.
  • Repairs: Just like regular homes, vans need repairs sometimes. The difference is, you may not be able to use your van at all if the repair need is serious.
  • Limited space: Even the largest conversion vans have fairly limited space. Prepare to leave behind some of your favorite amenities, make do with a small supply of clothes and go on frequent grocery store runs.
  • Bad weather: In a residential home, you can just curl up indoors during a rainy or snowy day. When you’re living in a van, however, bad weather can derail your travel plans. You may need to change your plans, find emergency parking spots or dig your vehicle out of snow banks.

Ultimately, vanlife can be fairly difficult, especially if you’re used to all the comforts a traditional home brings. However, as long as you understand and prepare for these difficulties, you should have no problem overcoming them.

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