Vanlife Televisions: Best TV’s for Sprinter & Conversion Vans

Vanlife conversions, Motorhomes, and recreational vehicles (RVs) are wonderful for those who love roaming the world and taking in new sights and experiences. One of the things that many people believe they will leave behind when taking to a life on the road is access to quality entertainment in the privacy of their homes. There are actually many televisions you can buy that will allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies.

Televisions sold for the home are not compatible with Sprinter or cargo vans used for van life unless you use a inverter in your campervan, but you can purchase digital 12-volt televisions that you can mount inside your van and will run off of your van batteries and even solar power and give you mobile access to many of the same things you would find at home. You will need to consider a few things when you are looking for the perfect van TV.

Look for TVs That Provide Plenty of Shock Absorption

TV Installed in Interior Van's Roof
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One of the primary reasons you will need a special 12-volt television for your van is that every bump in the road you encounter could damage a normal television. A 12-volt TV has a reinforced internal chassis that will make sure it does not fall off the mount when you hit a pothole. The manufacturers of these televisions also put their TVs through stress tests to simulate all of the common vibrations and sudden jerks and bumps they may encounter. They are also able to withstand extreme changes in temperature and weather conditions.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Size for your van

TV Inside Van with Wood Finishes
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You don’t need to search for the largest TV on the market, especially when you consider that sitting too close to a huge television can put a strain on your eyes. Since you will be sitting closer to the TV than normal and want something appropriate for your RV, keep this in mind when looking at different models. You will want to look through your van and identify what flat walls you have available and the amount of space you could use to mount your TV.

A 24-inch screen inside of your van could appear massive, and you may not even need that large of a screen. If you choose a swivel mount, the ability to adjust the angle of the television also reduces your need for a larger screen. Smaller screens are less expensive, so you may save yourself some money by finding a screen that is easy to see without being excessive.

Ways to Access TV and Movies on the Road

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There are many tested and ready means for you to access television, cable, and internet on the road, thanks to new technology and mobile internet signals. Consider the following ways to access your favorite entertainment when selecting your TV to make sure you will have the appropriate equipment.

  • Antennas— The most traditional way to get a TV signal is to install a digital antenna. There may be times when you travel to places out of range of any signals, so you will need alternatives.

  • Satellite Dishes— Many van today are already equipped with satellite dishes, while others have available connections so you can install your own. You will need a subscription service to access TV, however, so consider whether this is within your budget.

  • Cable Television— Some places will offer cable access as long as you have the appropriate equipment. You will need a weatherproof coaxial cable that can connect to your television to take advantage of this.

  • Internet— You will be surprised at the huge libraries of content that you can access with an internet-connected TV in your van. You can accomplish this by having a mobile phone or laptop connected to the internet and connecting it to your TV via USB, PC, or HDMI cables. Services such as Netflix, SlingTV, and Amazon Prime Video offer movies and TV shows to binge at your leisure.

Learn More About Van TV Conversions

TV Installment for a Van
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Darien Overland manufactures aftermarket products for a growing community of adventurers like you. We would like to know more about your needs and goals to help you convert your van into a dream recreational vehicle. We can help you with selecting and installing your van television, so contact us today for more information.


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  1. The tv in my conversion van is a 19′ vizio and the remote is broken and I can’t get to the power button if there is one. What can I do to power it up

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